Cow Herd Shares

Spring 2015

We are happy to announce that we have acquired a couple of Jersey/ Holstein milk cows. This is an endeavor to which the rancher has looked forward to for many years. As a raw milk dairy, we are able to provide raw milk products to interested parties through a herd-share program.

Each shareholder purchases an undivided interest in the herd. As a result, the shareholder is entitled to a portion of the products produced by the herd. A summary of the program is below. To read the contract click here.

  • Each cow share is a one-time cost of $25 per share.  One cow share equates to one gallon of milk per week.  The cow share is refundable if you choose to stop getting milk.
  • The monthly boarding fee is $48 per month per cow share.
  • You can sign up for shares in half-share amounts.  Purchasing one half-share costs $12.50 and the monthly cost is $24 per month.
  • Additional milk products are available when we have more milk than we need. We can only provide additional products to shareholders. Additional gallons or half-gallons of milk are available for an additional weekly boarding fee of $11 per share. We offer other products such as cream and whey as supply and time permits.

To receive your share, a signed contract (or ability to sign at time of delivery) must be on file, Please submit your order and your address. Please email, text, or call with questions.