Happy Birthday, Rancher

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He makes me crazy almost daily. I want to walk him through the right way to wash eggs, do the dishes, and make the bed. I want him to take care of business when I want! I want him to feel my urgency. I want him to get the road fixed and repair the things that need to be repaired–Now! I want to tell him what to do and have him jump up to do it. He never listens. He doesn’t jump. He is stubborn and will not let me push him around. Mostly, he just nods his head and says, “Yes, honey” even though he doesn’t mean it. He exasperates me.

Regardless, I don’t want him to be anybody else.

He falls asleep long before I do. Every night, as I climb into bed, I smile because he is laying next to me–hogging the bed. I’m so glad he is in my life. He’s goofy, but serious and stalwart. He’s hardworking and consistent.

More than anything, he’s just good. He has a good heart. He wants to do good. He wants to be good. I need that. I need him in my life. I’m glad he’s in my life. I love him and he loves me. In the end, that’s all that matters.

Happy Birthday to the Rancher. The love of my life.

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