A Great Day

It was just another day. We were up before the sun. We packed he pickup with a freezer full of meat, 18 gallons of milk and several dozen chicken and duck eggs. I headed off to make deliveries and the rancher started on the chores. Later, he would join me at the market. My daughter and granddaughter also joined me. 

We had a fair amount of traffic and talked to lots of customers. I enjoyed having plenty of help and company with my family around. The little one enjoyed herself, too. She snacked on some delicious coffee cake, and later ate a fair amount of mine as well. She also went home with a new ring, a lavender sachet for her sock drawer, and a lavender shower fizzy. 

The highlight of my day, however, was doing chores with the rancher. I love working along side him. It makes my step a little lighter, as if I’ve been sprinkled with a but of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. After chores, the rancher went to work some extra duty. I had big plans for the evening, which were interrupted when I unintentionally fell asleep. 

It was just another day. Nothing spectacular happened, but it was still a great day. 

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