Gearing Up For Saturday

I drive for the ranch six days a week, but Saturday is the big day. Saturday mornings, I set off early to make my rounds in and around Denver. Then, I spend my day at the farmer’s market.

Most of my customers receive delivery on Saturdays. As a result, Friday is a big prep day. On Fridays, I tally up the number of gallons to deliver on Saturdays. I also make a list of additional products customers have ordered. Customers often order eggs and meat, but some customers also order yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, or kefir. I don’t want to make these perishable products too far in advance of Saturday. I want our customers to have the freshest products possible. Invariably, my Friday afternoons (after morning deliveries) are spent making milk products. DSC_0584

Milk is quite messy. I feel like my house is spotted with milk and my dish towels are permanently milk scented. In fact, I feel like my life is permanently milk scented. Thankfully, on this Friday, I had some enthusiastic helpers. On this particular Friday, I had the grand babies join me while their mom was off painting a mural. First, I showed them how to make yogurt. They immediately asked if they could have yogurt for lunch. “No,” I told them, “this yogurt won’t be ready to eat until tomorrow.” However, after lunch, a rest, and some play time, I put them to work cleaning up spots of milk. We had a good time cleaning. It was almost like playing for them, and my kitchen looked pretty good afterward. I might tell their mother that I’ll borrow them regularly for the extra cleaning help.

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