Pastured Eggs
At JNP Ranch, you might see chickens out on pasture or foraging for acorns in the scrub oak. Our chickens have the full benefit of fresh air and sunshine as well as the ability to forage for greens and grub. Our chickens are happier and healthier, which results in a healthier fresher egg. To see a testimony of our eggs, visit our blog here.

Red Wattle Pork
Red Wattle hogs are hardy foragers that do well in a wide range of climates. They are best known for their lean red meat (similar in color to beef). They are excellent pasture pigs and have a mild temperament. Our hogs are beautiful, gentle animals. Red Wattles are an excellent choice for pork. Their natural affinity for pasture production translates into lean and flavorful pork on the table. Red Wattle hogs are on the ALBC endangered list. See “Why Heritage Breeds?”

Berkshire Pork
Berkshire hogs are a rare breed of swine originating from the English countryside. They are a good pasture pig, are especially hardy, and make good mothers. Like Red Wattles, Berkshire pork is known for its flavor. Berkshire pork is highly prized. It is also red in color, tender, and juicy.

Hampshire/ Suffolk Lamb
Our lambs are our “mowing and maintenance machines.” Sheep are good foragers and do an excellent job controlling weeds while fortifying the soil through their manure. We have both show quality sheep and range sheep. Our lamb has a flavorful and distinctive flavor that is enhanced by the natural forage that is a significant part of their diet.

Natural Beef
By request. Please contact us directly for more information.

Pastured Poultry
Our poultry, raised for its meat, is raised in the same fashion as our egg layers. Access to fresh air, sunshine, and pasture makes a happier, healthier bird and therefore a healthier meat product which is has better flavor and texture than the standard grocery fair. By request. Please contact us directly for more information.