A little history…

We became JNP Ranch in late 1998 when I came home with 5 head of hodge-podge cattle. I ventured up to Northern Colorado to the weekly auction with my wife and three kids, and we came home 5 head richer. What started out as an opportunity for my wife and I to give our children a chance to experience a bit of country life soon turned into an adventure for friends, children of friends, neighbors, extended family, and now grandchildren. We feel so fortunate to have built a lifetime of memories that involve so many people we hold dear.

We intended to raise our cattle for beef, but soon discovered that one of our heifers was bred. Although her calf did not survive, we knew then that we were destined to breed and raise animals. Soon, we had 18 head of cattle and a bull. Two of our favorite cows were our first young mother (we called her Baby) and another ravenous cow my daughter dubbed Honey. Honey was so interested in eating, that my daughter soon had her eating out of her hands. Our legacy was born and you might say the rest is history.

We didn’t just happen upon our ranching experience by accident. Both my wife and I come from strong agricultural stock. I spent my summers on my grandparents’ farm in Iowa and still return to Iowa each fall to help my cousin with the harvest. My wife’s families are tried and true pioneers that helped settle the Wild West. In fact, our name and brand is passed down to us from my wife’s great-grandfather via her father.

Over the years, we have had animals in a few different pastures in and around the Parker area. There, we have cavorted with a variety of livestock–cattle, hogs, poultry, and sheep–and a variety of wildlife as well–rabbits, various carrion birds, owls, hawks, coyote, snakes, frog, and deer. In October 2012, however, we relocated to our present location south of Parker and southeast of Castle Rock.

We love Colorado–the beautiful scenery and fair weather (but not the mud in the spring). We’ve weathered the proverbial storm–pitching hay in a snowstorm, digging springtime ditches so the muck will flow, swatting flies while fixing fence, and of course, freeing various vehicles from ditches, snowbanks, and mud. We can’t imagine a better way to spend our life. We are excited to welcome you into our family and hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we have.