Taking a Break

I’ve made the opportunity to take a few minutes out of my schedule as of late to have a little fun. I spent last Friday at the zoo with my daughter and the grandkids. I wanted to see the awesome Lego sculptures before they move on.DSC_0008

As I normally do on Friday mornings, I arose early to make deliveries. Once the rancher loaded the car, off I went. One, two, three, four stops, and I was ready to head toward the zoo. I was running a little late (as usual), but my daughter was running even later. I bought a $5 drink (ack!) and sat out front to wait for her. She arrived before long. Almost as soon as we entered the zoo, we happened upon our first Lego creature.DSC_0051

We had a wonderful time. The weather was cooler but still beautiful. The kids were very well-behaved. We spent the whole day at the zoo. I made it home in time for chores. Then, I spent the evening–late into the evening–making milk products for Saturday’s customers. Once or twice, I cursed myself for being stupid enough to waste a day having fun! Now that I am past my sleep deprived Saturday, however, I am glad I took the time to spend the day with my babies and enjoy a little bit of life. DSC_0032DSC_0020

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