The Best Times

The best times are when we can work along side of each other. We used to work together quite a bit. In the early days, we fixed fencIMG_1001e. We’d stretch and wire and stretch some more. It actually felt a bit like sewing to me. I taught him to “take a stitch” in the wire in order to tighten it up on a wood post.

When we moved out to the current ranch, we walked the fence line or walked the pasture. For awhile, we managed to sneak in some walks up and down the road–a couple of miles here and a couple of miles there. It was time spent together. Walking together is always one of the best times.

We’d clean the barn. I’d sweep. He’d put things away and blow the fine dust out with the air compressor. It didn’t matter that the dust would be back the very next day. It felt good to clean. We had a sense of accomplishment. It even felt like the sun shined a little brighter afterward.

When we are together, he makes me laugh. He teases me and pokes fun at me. I laugh. He laughs at himself and that makes me laugh all the harder. When I picture us laughing together, we’re usually traveling somewhere in the pickup. I like to travel with him. Most of the time, we take short trips to eastern Colorado for one reason or another. Sometimes, he takes me on “vacation” to Kansas or Nebraska or Iowa–always to pick up or drop off livestock. We never really go on vacation, even though I might like to go. I keep thinking that someday we really will take a road trip. For now, I’ll settle for day trips as long as we can travel together.

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