I’m sitting at the Modmarket in Greenwood Village waiting for time to pass. I have an appointment at 2 pm. Modmarket is a farm fresh eatery. They claim to prepare from scratch using simple, whole ingredients. The interior and decor is not unlike Chipotle, which makes it a little noisy. Actually, it’s bustling; it’s quite noisy.

I’m excited to be here. My mind is churning. We can sell them eggs. We can sell them pork. We can sell them chicken. I love that our societal landscape is changing. That there is enough demand for fresh quality food to support restaurants like these. Not only are places like these integral to our success, but I wholeheartedly believe in the movement.

My meal is ready. I’m having a steakhouse salad. It’s good. I’m not disappointed. I’m sure I’ll come back, and I’ll bring a few friends and family with me.

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