There’s something about a sunrise that sets the tone for a happy day. While I am usually awake by about 6:45, I am not one to hop right out of bed. On this particular Monday morning, I had just awakened when the rancher came to me and asked for help. I somewhat reluctantly slipped out of bed and pulled on my clothes. I didn’t really want to go out into the cool morning air, but for him I would.

That attitude left me almost as soon as I stepped out of the door. The air was cool, but it made the morning all the more beautiful. The air was crisp. The morning sun was shining. The world was a beautiful place. I was instantly happy. I strolled down the lane toward the pasture. After looking for an easy place to climb fence, I decided to enter via the pig pens. The pigs greeted me as I climbed into their yard. I scratched them behind the ears and moved on. The rancher met me in the pasture and told me to climb on the back of the 4-wheeler, which I did. We drove around the north pasture. I talked to the cows as we rode by. Again, I marveled at the beauty of the earth and my good fortune to be out early in the morning with my sweetheart. The simple act of getting up and out this morning made me happy–a condition that lasted through the entire day.

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