Mmmmm Green Chile is Number One!


Top Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the End of Summer.

10. Returning to school. I have been playing school for as long as I can remember. I love school. As a child I tired of summer vacation. Now, I am a teacher and I still tire of summer vacation. School is the place to be for me.

9. New clothes. Fall wardrobes are making their way into the stores right now. I’m always excited for new clothes to go with the new school year!

8. Sewing (quilting). Once school is back in session, it is time to get back to sewing and quilting. Christmas is just around the corner and my gift list is long. I love having an evening or two to myself to sew.

7. Warm days and cool nights. What better way to sleep than snuggled under the covers while your open window invites in the chilly morning?

6. The return of football. Need I say more?

5. Harvest. The garden is in full bloom. Zucchini, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers are all ripening and we are starting to see our first pumpkins and other winter squashes.

4. Grilling. With an abundance of garden fresh vegetables, warm temperatures, and yummy meats, August is the best time to grill at the ranch.

3. Evening walks. By the time late August rolls around, the evenings are cool enough for a walk with my sweetheart.

2. Homemade bread. My number 2 favorite food (cookies are number 3) is bread. I love that I can make bread again after a sweltering summer without it.

1. Green chile. August marks the time of chile harvest–a time to which I look forward all summer. Green chile is quite possibly the perfect food. It is my favorite food, hands down. Yes, it is better than chocolate. I love, love, love the smell of it roasting. I can eat it on anything. I love green chile and I have 5 bushel sitting, roasted in my fridge waiting to be peeled. Yay!


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