Harry’s Urban Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday morning, the rancher’s wife rolls reluctantly out of bed at 5 am (5:30 if she hits the snooze button a few times). She has to be on the road by 6:30 am to make the Saturday delivery rounds and get set up at the market by 10 am. She doesn’t exactly look forward to Saturday mornings, but once she is in the pickup and on her way, a feeling of nostalgia comes over her. Quiet mornings are the best. She can be alone with her thoughts, reminiscing about times past, while enjoying the morning sun and the country countdown on the radio.

Although the mornings have begun to cool a bit, it is usually plenty warm by the time she pulls into the farmer’s market. She is greeted by the hustle and bustle of the vendors setting up tents and putting out product. She loves the farmer’s market. The vendors have become a family. They greet each other and visit and encourage as the day goes by.

She’s thrown her whole heart into the market. She wants it to be successful. It is a small market; it is in it’s first year. Despite it’s size, it is a good market. The market is home to quality vendors that share a vision similar to her own. All of the vendors feature Colorado made products. The produce is exclusively Colorado grown and of course the products from the ranch are grown not just in Colorado, but very close to the Denver metro area. She’s happy to be here–happy to be a part of something good and worthwhile.

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